What Size of Boxing Gloves are the best for me?

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The Features of Boxing Gloves

A boxing glove is characterized by its weight, mostly defined in ounces (oz). An ounce is nearly equal to 28 gr. Once the glove is getting heavier a boxing glove, it is enriched by extra pads. The chart in below provides an insight on the weight of boxing glove in ratio to its oz measurement.

The gloves

Equivalent in Grams

4 oz

140 grams

6 oz

170 grams

8 oz

227 grams

10 oz

285 grams

12 oz

340 grams

14 oz

396 grams

16 oz

453 grams

What size of boxing glove is the best for me?

The more frequent question is that what size will be the best for my hands.

This is not easy to answer in overall. However, the person who will decide on which boxing gloves should take his/her weight and the style of training. For the athletes in small template 8 to 12 oz would be ideal one. The large template may choose 14 or 16 oz.

To give you an idea, here is a table summarizing the weight of the boxing gloves according to yours:

Weight of gloves

Your Weight

4 oz

< 80

6 oz

< 100 lbs

8 oz

110 to 140 lbs

10 oz

140 to 165 lbs

12 oz

165 to 180 lbs

14 oz

180 to 200 lbs

16 to 18 oz

> 200 lbs

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