Mission Statement

To provide top quality, innovative martial arts and fitness products at affordable pricing that nurtures individuality and promotes confidence…Just Trust Yourself!

About Us

Our name: Through our products, the brand conveys uniqueness, strength, power, fearlessness, and resilience, such as a dragon does. “Do” means “the way of” in Japanese. Pairing these two words together, Dragon Do means the way of the dragon.

Brief history: Dragon Do was launched in 2004 by three brothers, who were all involved in martial arts at one point in their lives. Initially, our brand focused solely on apparel and equipment for martial arts; however, due to our increasing success, we expanded our market and also offer fitness gear and equipment. Dragon Do is proud of our love of fitness and wellness and it is our desire to continue to foster this sentiment by providing our customers with excellent quality products at affordable prices. Our top priority is our customers’ satisfaction and we strive to provide a pleasant shopping experience to all. We are located in Pompano Beach, FL, USA; Istanbul, Turkey; and Natal, Brazil. We proudly ship products worldwide.

Making a Difference

Dragon Do is proud to support MMA by sponsoring national and international fighters, promotions, and events.